Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Contraction Surgery Activity and FREEBIE!

We're getting soooooo close to the long weekend I can taste it! I am traveling to Kansas City to see my best friend for the long weekend and I cannot wait. I am trying to keep things exciting in our classroom this week to keep me motivated to make it to Friday!

This week, I introduced contractions to the students. I wanted to find a way to keep the students completely involved and make the concept really stick. After googling for a while, I found the best idea!

My class performed contraction surgery!

To to our surgery, my mom was sweet enough to bring me home some surgical masks from the hospital she works at. So each of the kiddos got to wear a mask and come up in pairs to perform surgery on the contractions. 

The poor little contractions want to be whole again and they need your help! They start as two words, and then our "doctors" surgically remove the part of the word that we do not need for our contraction. After surgery, the contraction needs a bandage to help him heal. Once he has healed, his bandage is removed and there is a scar left behind. This scar is the apostrophe! I swear....every single one of my kids: low, high, average...they all completely and totally understand contractions after doing this activity! It was amazing!

After we completed the whole group activity and each of the students got a chance to be the doctor, they all trotted back to their desks with their masks on and performed surgery on their own!

To go with this activity, I made a little FREEBIE that is my very first TPT item! I hope everyone likes it!

Only two days left before a 3 day weekend!

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