Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fire Safety! and Freebie!

Ok so I know fire safety week was forever ago, but our story this week was about firefighters, so I thought better late than never!

We read a few more picture books about Fire Safety and Firefighters. We read Stop, Drop, and Roll and Dot, the Fire Dog.

Then we practiced what you do when you Stop, Drop, and Roll. I was amazed how many of my students didn't know that you only do this if YOU are on fire. I realized this may be more than a week long unit when I heard that you stop, drop, and roll when there is a fire in your kitchen, and then you try to put it out with some water. Ahh!

We did tons of writing activities that are free for you here!

I hope you can use these next year! Later in the year when we are working on our maps unit, we will be drawing maps of our houses, and figuring out our escape plan if their is a fire! I was also amazed how many of my students did not have a plan of what to do if their house caught on fire!

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