Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 6 of giveaway and freebies!

Hello everyone!

Today is Day 6 of my week of freebies and giveaways!! If you Sunday's freebie, please click here to get my behavior chart stuff!

If you missed Day 2's freebies, please click here to get my Back to School Antonyms game.

If you missed Day 3's freebies, please chick here to get my Fun on the Farm Parts of Speech game.

If you missed Day 4's freebies, please click here to get my Busy Bee Place Value game.

If you missed Day 5's freebies, please click here to get my "We Are Sweet Readers" sight word motivator!

Remember, you have a chance to win everything and anything from my store! Just follow my blog, follow my TPT store, and blog about my giveaway/freebie week on your blog and get three entries to win! Please comment on the Day 1 post as this is where I will be choosing the winner from! That post is here!

And just as an added end of summer bonus, if you post about my giveaway on your blog, you will get my 4 best selling products on TPT for free! I will e-mail them to you :) I am trying really hard to build up followers!

Today, my freebie for you is the cutest little song that I teach my kiddos! When I introduce their songbooks at the beginning of the year, this is always the first song I teach them. And for those of you who are moving into the Daily 5, songbooks were a big hit during Read to Self and Read to Someone!

The song is called The Penguin Song! My version is a little different than these ladies, but this is the best video I could come up with for the tempo and the tune of the song. My movements are a little more subdued and obviously my lyrics work it out a little differently, but you get the gist! So, I am sharing with you the little lyric sheet that I made to go with it! Let me tell you...this is an absolutely wonderful and EASY way to teach kids right and left. By the end of the first month of school, my kids knew left and right better than the third graders!

Be sure to continue to check back each day this week for more freebies!! And remember to comment on Day 1 to be entered to win everything in my store!

Happy Friday!

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