Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Excitement and Veterans Day FREEBIE!

Hello all :)

We are super excited this week because we are learning about the presidential election! We have school today, and with all the voters in and out, I get nervous!

But we are going to have all kinds of fun tomorrow since we are corralled in our classrooms ALL DAY! If you haven't bought it yet, check out Cara Carroll's Pint Sized Presidential Fun unit. It is phenomenal! It is so meaningful for the kids to be able to participate in an election, but it's something that they can actually relate to!

I especially love this unit because it works with Grace for President, Duck for President, and My Teacher for President, which are books many of us already have! She has Duck, Grace, and the Teacher be the candidates for a mock election and the kiddos just love it! They get to make election posters, tally and graph the results, and truly decide who they want the "president" to be!

I also found a fantastic book at Barnes and Noble yesterday called The People Pick The President: The Election Book. After doing some research for activities to do with it, buy it from Scholastic, it's way cheaper (I should know that by now...but there's something about looking around a bookstore!). But it is so awesome! Any question a child would possibly have for you about an election is in there, in kid-friendly language.

We are also going to read a Time for Kids article that gives the students information about President Obama and Governor Romney on equal terms. (Wouldn't that be nice in the real world? I don't know how many more negative political ads I can watch on TV...I'm going crazy!)

Lastly, if you haven't been on Nickelodeon's website Kids Pick the President, you are missing out. Once again, it is an honest non-partisan view of both candidates. (Imagine if adults got this same information!)

The voting has already happened, but it still cool to look at the information about each candidate, the issues and how elections work. It is very cool!

I also wanted to tell you about my Veterans Day unit that I just finished yesterday! It is 106 pages of fun to teach your students the importance of honoring Veterans. It is packed with math and literacy games, letter writing activities, craftivities, a printable book, nonfiction posters teaching the kiddos about the branches of the military and more!

Just to give you a sneak preview and entice you to head on over and buy is one of the literacy games included and a tree map about Veterans. You can get your freebie here!

If you like this freebie, please go to my TPT store and check out my Veterans Day unit, Honoring Our Veterans!

Enjoy your election week and get out and vote tomorrow!
Happy Monday!


Sara Soucy said...

Yikes! Having that many people in and out all day would make me nervous too. I used Cara's unit too and the kids (and I) loved i!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Chrissy said...

Hi, Sarah! I found you on TpT and I'm following you.

I teach kindergarten at a private school in Chesterfield. We also have school tomorrow. I can't decide if I should be in line to vote at 6am or wait until school is over.

My school is hosting a veteran's breakfast on Wednesday. Thanks for sharing your work--I'm looking forward to using it with my kinders!

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