Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ten Pin Linky - BEST Math pinterest finds!

It's time to link up with Ashley from Just Reed for her weekly Ten Pin Linky Party.  This week it's all about MATH!
Here are some of my favorite math pins.  Click on the picture for the link!

I LOVE Cara Carroll's anchor charts. They are so cute, colorful, and full of meaning for the kiddos! Check out her blog for more anchor chart ideas.

Anything that you can put on a die is fun for kiddos! I like these coin dice to build automaticity in counting coins.

I love finding pins that do not require you to make/buy anything and are effective! My kiddos could use these for number identification and addition/subtraction facts.

Once again, a very low prep activity. I like this one because it allows students to self-correct without giving them the answer.

Who doesn't love math read-alouds?

What an awesome post for sorting ideas! It shows students different ways to sort ideas as well as giving them examples. This picture is obviously sorting by color, but this class also shows lots of other examples. What a great way to help children sort independently!

This has so many possibilities! Number ID, counting, counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, even and odd numbers, etc. I also love any activity we can do outside!

Super cute way to introduce each number. It gives students tons of examples of the number, on the number! I especially like the ordinality and snap cube examples!
I like that the poems are right with the number. In the beginning of the year, I might actually put one of these gel bags in the front of our math journals.

Love the life size hundred chart! Perfect for the 100th day of school :)
What are your favorite math pins?
Link up and comment!

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Ashley Reed said...

Love Cara Carroll, too! And how cute is that 5 anchor chart? I have it pinned, too!

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