Sunday, September 22, 2013

Peek at My Week! 9/23

Oh my word! It is so amazingly wonderful to sign onto my beautiful blog now :) It just makes me so happy!

So my little babies have been learning all about their names the last few weeks to the point of Miss M going crazy, BUT I am happy to say that 18/18 can now recognize their own and 16/18 can write it! (This is truly an accomplishment!)

This week we are starting our unit on Emergent Storybooks and learning the power of reading pictures and retelling stories! My ELA curriculum does not allow direct instruction of letters, but I think having a weeklong anchor text is going to help me wiggle this rule a little :)

This week our anchor text is The Little Red Hen!

I am starting with this story because not only is it an awesome story for shared reading and retelling, but it is also a wonderful lesson on being a good friend! (Something my babies DESPERATELY need.)

We will start our is, can, has chart on the first day and continue to add to it throughout the week. I love this cute chart from Conversations in Literacy!

I also love this poem about the things a hen can/can't do. We love poems in my class and this will allow them to be creative and make a class book!

We will be making our own little red hens and be super helpers ourselves! Each child will think of how they can be a "helper" and we will write it on their hen. It's based off of this pinterest idea that I cannot find the link back to! If it's you, let me know!

We will be making this adorable little craft that I found  from Fairy Dust Teaching. I couldn't find the actual link on her page, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due! My kiddos will be using this as rhyming practice and first letter/sound correspondence.

I'm super excited to be starting literacy stations this week (for real). We're mostly just going to be practicing the games, but it's exciting to see small group work on the horizon now!

Here are my visual plans, linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!

Here they are! They are a little different this week since I am starting to really implement literacy and math stations! Enjoy :)

There are quite a few activities for this week from my Oh What Fun! K.CC.A.1 pack. It is really great for the beginning of kindergarten when kiddos are building that initial number sense.

There are also many games from my new pack (coming soon!), Fallin' For Fall! I'm just using the ones that are already finished for my kiddos :)

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