Sunday, January 26, 2014

Peek at my Week! 1/27 and Freebies!

So I have basically been a missing person for over a month! I have absolutely no excuse. Winter Break and at least 5 snow days were thrown in there. But, I'm back and would love to share our plans for the week!

We have begun our talk curriculum unit and are really delving into how to talk to partners. I have modeled it with other teachers, had them practice with me and each other, given them prompts, practiced with read-alouds and more....but I will tell you none of this really got them talking. They all sort of tried, but they basically sat with their partner and read books to each other.

What got them talking? VIDEOTAPING THEM. So simple. I happened to have a 2 minute free window when I was done with my conferring during our partner block and saw two girls in my class just nailing their talk about their story. I videotaped them on my iPad and showed the class and all of a sudden, I have little superstar talkers!

We are doing so well that I get to show videos of my little experts almost everyday! I want to make sure that they are still independent when I'm not watching/videotaping them, so I made these little bookmarks to remind them of what they can say to each other.

You can get them here!

In math, we are starting our geometry unit! Our scope and sequence doesn't have us starting shapes until now (weird!). But anyway, we have been learning all about 2-D shapes and sides/corners!

I use this great song to help them relate the shapes to the environment.

I also found TONS of freebies on TPT that I'm using as math stations this week. They are on my lesson plans!

I also made two subtraction games using Dollar Tree finds for my math stations. You can get Fancy Hearts Subtraction and How Many Hearts? here and here! Both games practice basic subtraction skills.


My last math station game comes from my newest product that gives students opportunities to work towards mastery of addition skills covering all K.OA CCSS. You can check it out here! You can check out On A Mission for Addition! I will be posting pictures of my kiddos playing the games over the next few weeks.

Here are my lesson plans for the week. I have an extended observation, our 100th day, 2 birthdays, Bring Your Parents to School Day, and buddy time. It's going to be quite a week :)

 Enjoy the last of January!

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