Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On to Second Grade!! And labels FREEBIE!

Hello my blogging friends!

Unfortunately, I am no longer going to be the fabulous first grade, although the name will stay the same :) I got a job in a wonderful school in my dream district teaching second grade and I could not be more excited!

Today was the second day of school and my little guys have been angels so far! (I know, I long will this last?) I have a few freebies to share with you!

Since I am in a new school and a new classroom, I needed to make all new labels (obviously). So I have some to share with you!

I made some new book labels! There are not that many, but when I make more, I will update it. You can get them on googledocs here!

I also have a wonderful guided reading library, so I made A-Z labels for those book bins too! You can get them here!

I also use a team point system. So here are labels for up to 5 teams and captains :)

I also use class journals! My kiddos LOVED these last year. I have 10 journals that I put in my writing center that any child can write in at any writer's workshop/work on writing time (when they have free choice writing!!). These are topic journals. For example, there is a princess journal and a superhero journal. So if a student decided to write in the princess journal, it would be a story about a princess! At the end of the year, you have a really cool journal with princess stories from all your students!! Here are the labels I tape to the front of the journals :)

Lastly, I have labels for three jars in my room. One is for my estimation jar. This is SO much fun for the kiddos. Eventually, all the kids get to take the jar home and fill it with something from their houses! I also have labels for compliments and concerns jars. I REALLY build thes up at the beginning of the year. I read all the compliments in the jar out loud at the end of the week to make my kiddos feel good! I also put compliments in there if I see them doing something special! The concerns jar is private, and only I read the comments in there. Sometimes the kids don't feel comfortable with me "knowing" who left the concern, and then we can discuss it as a class. The kids really like the system! Here are the labels!

 So that's all for now! Since I am now a second grade teacher :), I will be posting about all the awesome things I am doing in second grade! I will post about all of the wonderful character/team building activities we did this week soon!

Happy Hump Day!

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