Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays Giveaway Day 5!! WOO ITS BREAK :)

Today is Day 5 of my Happy Holidays Giveaway AND THE START OF WINTER BREAK!! (I'm not excited at all...) If you missed Day 1's giveaway, please visit that post here :) If you missed Day 2's post, please visit it here! If you missed Day 3's post, please visit here! If you missed Day 4's post, please visit here!

Today, I am giving away everything "snowman" that we did during our fun last day before break! I will be giving away two craftivities.

First, the Lost Snowman craftivity (Googledocs). I saw the idea on Pinterest and tweaked it a little to fit our needs. The kiddos put their snowman together and decorate it.

Then, they fill out a Lost Snowman form giving detailed information about their snowman. Then, we mix up all the snowmen and Lost Snowmen forms and the kiddos try to figure out which snowman is which!

Second, the Math Snowman craftivity (TPT or Googledocs)! The kiddos build their snowman and then do various activities to go along with it!

I also included two work station games! The first is a Winter ABC Order game (TPT or Googledocs)! The kiddos put 16 winter words in ABC order to the fifth letter! (This is really just because snowflake and snowman are included!) The second is a Winter Number Order game (TPT or Googledocs)! The kiddos will put the 24 two and three digit numbers in numerical order. They can do so from least to greatest or from greatest to least. Response sheets are included for both!

The winner for yesterday was...Mrs. Brown! Congrats and I will be e-mailing you soon :)

And for the last day, I will be giving away one item from my TPT store of your choice! You can comment and earn an entry for:
1. Following my blog
2. Following my TPT store
3. Posting about my giveaway on your blog!

So you can comment up to 3 times up until 2:00 AM central time! Please leave your email on your comments and I will email you to see what product you would like!!

YAY! Winter Break finally!!!

Happy Friday and enjoy your holidays!


Suzy Q said...

Follow your blog. Last chance...fingers crossed.

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Suzy Q said...

Follow your TPT store, too. Last chance...fingers crossed.

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rachel said...

I follow your blog!

Rachel said...

I follow your TPT store!

Lisa Mattes said...

I follow your darling blog!
Growing Firsties

Lisa Mattes said...

I follow your TpT store. :)
Growing Firsties

dbednars said...

I'm catching up on blogs. Thank you for all the freebies! I wish I had found them sooner so I could've gotten into all the raffles. I now follow your blog & TPT store. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a sample of how a student completed the Number String Name paper? I wasn't sure how to go about having my students show their work for that one.

Sarah said...

I teach them to do it by breaking down the numbers into tens and ones. Here is the example:

Hope this helps!

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