Monday, September 29, 2014

Peek at My Week 9/29, Apples and the Three Little Pigs!

This week we were doing all kinds of learning about the Three Little Pigs and Apples!

We read this version of the Three Little Pigs this week. I like it a little better than the traditional version of the story because I believe it allows for us to dig deeper into the story.

I also loved reading this version because if you are a teacher that has access to Discovery Education videos, there is one of this exact book! My kiddos freaked out when they got to watch this close read as a video at the end of the week. It was like Christmas!!

As I said above, we did a lot of deeper thinking with this book. We always talk about tough vocabulary with each close read we do. These were the words we focused on this week:

We also got to make two fun craftivities! The first was of the last little pig. We talked about how he was SO smart and he kept tricking the wolf so he stays safe. We made our little piggy and wrote how we would trick the wolf.

I would tell the pig to dress up as the wolf.

I would jump in a barrel and run into the wolf.

I would still hide from the wolf.

The kids loved thinking of how they would "trick" the wolf! But of course, we also had to make a tricky wolf! I've been trying to integrate character education into my curriculum as much as possible. So we talked about how the wolf was unkind, and how he might have been able to be friends with the pigs if he was nice. So we made our wolf craftivity, and inside the mouth, the kiddos drew a way the wolf could be nice to the pigs.

I would play with him. (I know...great phonetic spelling here haha!)

They LOVED that the wolf's mouth opened. It was the greatest thing ever!

Lastly, we had our 3rd grade buddies come to our room and make the Three Little Pig's houses with us. We made a house of straw (yellow paper), sticks (popsicle sticks), and bricks (red paper)! It's so cute how different they turned out based on the different kiddo!

 This little guy insisted the pig in the brick house had to be first because he was the smartest, even though he was last in the story. :)

I am working on scanning the templates for all of these craftivities and will link them for free to this blog post as soon as I do :)

Last, we had a special Three Little Pigs snack! Potato straws for straw, pretzels for sticks, and licorice bites for bricks.

(Picture to come)

Then we also finished up our apple investigations this week! We got a lot of cute ideas from Cara Carroll, including these apple games below.

We also used her colored apples and color words to do a predictable sentence activity. The kiddos loved all the reading they could do and it was a great introduction to some new sight words!

I plan on laminating these sentence strips and allowing my kiddos to build these sentences as a literacy center!

We also discussed the parts of an apple and did a cute craftivity. My students put together an apple and labeled the: skin, flesh, core, seeds, and stem!

Last we did an apple taste test! We tasted red apples, green apples, and caramel apples to decide which one was our favorite. This was one of our first introductions to graphing and my kiddos did great!

I made this graphing sheet and favorite page to go with this activity. After tasting each apple, my kiddos drew a picture of their favorite apple and then drew/wrote 3 reasons why they liked it! Then, we graphed those favorites. You can get your copy these sheets here.

A day late (this is my conference week! STRESSFUL!!), here is a peek at my week! I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten.

Up this week is the Three Bears! Can you believe that only half of my class had ever heard this story before????

Enjoy your week! Hopefully not filled with conferences. This was my table this morning....not pretty I know!!

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