Thursday, September 1, 2011

Creating Our School Community with a School Map!

Hello everyone :)

So as a first year teacher, I barely have time to shower, much less blog about the wonderful things I am doing in my classroom! But today my little first graders and I worked on something so fun!

In my social studies curriculum, my students are supposed to learn about our school community and what their role is in making our school a great place to be. So I decided it would be fun to make a topigraphical map of our school. Sounds complicated....but I didn't exactly use correct measurements haha.

I drew a basic outline of our school on my Smartboard, and then the students told me where to fill in all of the rooms. I was so impressed that they knew where all of the middle school rooms were too! And after we completed our map, the students had to create "routes" based on my directions.

This part was SO fun for them. I would make up funny stories like: "Oh my goodness. Miss Moellering forgot to pick her students up from gym class. Cody decides he is in charge of getting our class from the gym back to our classroom." Then the students would use our pointer finger and go along our map and show us the correct way to go.

I also used this as a good review of left and right. The students had to tell me what direction they were turning if they came to a corner!

I will try to post more of what I am doing! It is just hard to find the time!
Happy Friday eve! I have a half day tomorrow!


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