Monday, October 28, 2013

Peek at my Halloween week! 10/28

Happy Halloween week! I love weeks like this because the kiddos are so excited to come to school each day and do all of the fun activities planned!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, link up your visual plans with her and check out the plans of so many other awesome bloggers.

My 4-day week is jam-packed full of Halloween goodness.  We are so busy, that we honestly do not even have time for literacy/math stations this I left them out of my plans. Our anchor text this week is There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat! We are going to be focusing on rhyming words during our mini lessons.

We are also going to be learning bat facts and making a little bat craftivity. I'm using the template from A Cupcake for the Teacher's Going Batty craftivity, but my babies are not at that writing stage yet!

We are also making tons of class books! My kiddos love reading these during our "we time," (partner reading/table reading), and I wanted to make a bunch this week since we are between writing units! I also really wanted to focus on illustrations so I leave lots of room for pictures!

We are making one about our Halloween costumes and practicing strong illustrations and stretchy snake words!

We are also making one about bat facts that is SUPER open-ended. This way my kiddos could state simply that " bats at black" or "bats fly" or could be as deep as "bats are nocturnal" or "bats are not birds."

Lastly, we are making a class book to go with our read aloud The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything.

We are going to make a circle map of the things we are scared of, and then make our class book of things we are not afraid of. 

We are also making a pumpkin glyph. We have a beautiful new bulletin board outside of our classroom and I want to show our wonderful work to the school!

I will post some of our Halloween festivities later this week! Tomorrow, look for a post on ways to use those cute Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot buys!

Have a great week!


Lindsay Oles said...


Do you do calendar on a smart board? I have a Promethean (just a different brand) board and have been thinking of switching my calendar routine to be on it. Right now I have it all set up on the wall. It takes up a lot of space. If I were to switch over, I would leave the calendar on the wall but take all the other items off. I have a hard time actually doing this because my calendar area is soooo packed full of text and the kiddos always go to it for help spelling words. But I think it is time to change. I'll leave up my days of the week and months posters of course.

Check out my plans over at


Miss M said...

Hey Lindsay! I do use the Smartboard for all of calendar, but like you, I leave up the actual calendar and the days/months for reference. The kids are so engaged using the smartboard, it is easier for the kids to use and it's easier for me to add as much content as I want!

Try it out! It's great!
Miss M

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